MVM Labs | Maharishi Vidya Mandir (CBSE) School, Puducherry
  • Computer Lab

    MVM has well designed and self-contained students’ computer lab that is operated by a well-educated and qualified faculty and has one on one access, meaning each student is provided with one computer for learning. The computers in the school lab have been updated with suitable software, allowing students to compile and run programs according to the curriculum. We've invested in new ERP software to bring MVM's teaching, learning and working practices up to modern technical standards.

  • Junior Science Lab

    MVM has a well-designed, spacious and well-equipped science lab. It is equipped with all of the necessary equipment to reinforce scientific and experimental principles and aid in the development of investigative skills. To meet the needs of students, there are models, maps, apparatus, sets and experimental gadgets, as well as the most accurate digital measuring instruments available for measuring chemicals. All of the lab's equipment and specimens are available for school students to use under close supervision. This is a place where our students have the opportunity to 'discover' before being 'told.' The use of lab facilities allows children to create models and projects.

  • Math Lab

    The MVM school has developed a well-equipped Mathematics Laboratory with a wide range of mathematical teaching aids such as models, games, maps, CDs, books, and other materials that are beneficial to successful learning. Teachers place a strong emphasis on the mathematical method, which includes problem solving with real-life scenarios, thinking, reflecting and communicating, as well as the selection of suitable computational methods, techniques, and the use of mathematical vocabulary that extends students' knowledge beyond the curriculum. The math lab provides students with the ability to learn mathematics by doing. Students may use the exercises to construct and test theories, as well as generalize observable patterns through imagining, controlling and reasoning.

  • Robotics Lab

    MVM's Robotics Lab is a vital part of the school. It's all about learning new technology and putting them to use in real-world situations. The key concept is to use robotics to demonstrate a realistic way of studying classroom subjects. When students program physical robots, they gain a better understanding of the complexities and capabilities of robots. They learn the skills necessary to write detailed and accurate instructions while having fun and learning valuable lessons.

  • Language Lab

    The aim of a language lab in MVM is to get students to actively engage in language learning activities and to give them more practice time than they would get in a typical classroom setting. Students and staff members use the Laboratory for a variety of self-improvement and soft skill learning tasks. The main advantage of a language lab is that it allows each student to spend more time actively communicating and learning during class. MVM aims to instill trust in students so that they can communicate and present in English, Tamil, Hindi and French.