FAQ | Maharishi Vidya Mandir (CBSE) School, Puducherry

To familiarize you better about Maharishi Vidya Mandir School of Puducherry, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Where is the school located?

    Mullodai, Kanniyakoil, Puducherry (click here to view more details)

    Which board do you follow?


    Do you have CBSE Affiliaton Number?


    How to get the admission?

    Step 1 : Visit school & meet the Admin Counsellor.
    Step 2 : KG to Grade I - child interaction and Grade II onwards written entrance exam
    Step 3 : Submit the filled in application Remittance of fee

    What are the documents required for Admission process?

    Child’s Birth Certificate original (Puducherry) & Xerox copy (TamilNadu), Child & Parent Aadhaar Card xerox copy, 1 passport size photo of Child & Parent.

    What is the admission age eligibility?

    (click here to view age eligibility)

    Till which classes do you have?

    Till grade X during academic year 2023-24.

  • What is the school Timings?

    For KG - 08:30am to 12.30pm & classes I to X - 08:20am to 03.45pm (click here to view bell timings)

    What is the Student teacher ratio?


    Do you provide caretaker for classroom?

    Yes, We provdie trainned and dedicated caretaker for each classroom upto grade II

    Which type of food allowed for lunch and snacks?

    We allow vegetarian food and provide a healthy snacks chart menu for the students.

    Do you have canteen facility?

    Due to covid19 we closed it temporarily.

    What is the lunch timing?

    11:50 noon to 12:20pm - 30 Minutes

    What colour is the uniform and when it should be worn?

    (click here to view uniform details)

  • What is the fee strucutre?

    Kindly visit the school office and get the fee structure

    Do you collect Admission fee?

    No for academic year 2023-24

    How many terms the fee is collected and when it should be paid?

    3 terms ( before the 10th of April, Aug, Dec)

    Which mode do you collect the fee?

    Though online mode
    Click here to pay online fee

    Is there any registration (or) application fee for the Admission?

    Yes, we charge Rs.500/- for Application Fee

    Is there any other extra fee like activity fee or something else to be paid apart from the school fee?

    No, we are not charging any extra fees apart from the school fee

    Is there any siblings discount?

    No Discount

    Will you give fee Claim certificate?

    Yes, Kindly send request letter mail to mvmpondy@gmail.com

  • What are the books followed?

    For KG – XSEED Books, Classes I to V Orientlongman Publications, Classes VI - IX (English & science - Oxford, Math - Indiannica Learning & Social NCERT   
    Click For Book List

    What are the language options?

    Tamil / French as second language & Hindi as 3rd language.

    Are staff qualified?

    Yes, we appoint experienced and qualified staff only.

    Which type of assessment do you conduct for students?

    As per CBSE guidelines

    What are the extra Classes Conduct?

    Handwriting, Cambridge, Spellbee are scheduled in the timetable.

    What are the other Exams conducted?

    Prepare the students for examinations conducted by Cambridge, Spell Bee and D.B.H.P.S. Special emphasis on improving handwriting of the students.

    Do you have competitive exams trining? if yes which course

    Yes, we conduct IIT, JEE, NEET Exams coaching from grade VIII, these courses are conducted by MVM academy of excellence.

    How do you communicate the Homework and circular to us?

    We communicate them through MVM mobile app, you can download from googleplay store.
    Click here to download Mobile app

  • Does the school have Smart Class?

    Yes, Every classroom has smart with Android T.V. and Hi-Speed Internet Connection

    Does the school have playground within the campus?

    Yes, The school has playground facility within the campus.

    Does the school have sports facility

    Click here For sports details

    What are the (ECA) activities does the school have ?

    15 ECA Actviites  Click here For ECA details

    Does the School have club activities?

    Yes  Click here For club activity details

    What are the Lab facilities school have?

    Computer Lab, Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Biology Lab, Math Lab, Language Lab, Robotics Lab.
    Click here For Lab details

    Does the school have Hostel Facility?


    What kind of extra care is provided to students?

    1.Health screening is done
    2.Campus and school vehicles are sanitized thrice between 9.00am and 1.00 p.m. We also ensure frequent sanitation of restrooms.
    3.Social distancing norms are maintained while entering into school and leaving school.
    4.Gentle instructions are given to the students.
    5.All students and teachers wear mask all through
    6.Availability of sanitizers and soap liquids in all classes are ensured
    7.We schedule different timing for going to restrooms.

    Does the school have R.O. Water Facility ?

    Yes, School has R.O water treatment plant for entire campus usage.

    What are the safety & security measures taken by the school for students?

    1. Trained Secuity Guard
    2. Secured Entry and Exit Points
    3. 24x7 CCTV Survelliance
    4. Dedicated Caretaker for each class
    5. RFID Attendance with SMS Alert

    What are the Health & Hygienic measures taken by the school for students?

    1. Frequent Health Checkups
    2. Health card is maintained for each student
    3. Oncall Doctor Facility
    4. A well trained staff nurse has been appointed
    5 Dedicated Restroom Housekeeping for frequent cleaning

    Does the school have an auditorium ?

    Yes, the School have 750 Seating A/C Indoor Auditorium

  • Does the school provide the transport facilities?

    Yes, The school provides the transport facilities

    Of Which areas do you provide the school transportation?

    We provide transportation within 15 k.ms radius of the school Location
    Click For bus route detail

    Do you have caretaker in the school bus?

    Yes, we have female caretakers for each bus

    Do you have GPS Facility?

    Yes, we have GPS facility, you can live track through MVM mobile app

    what are the safety measures?

    1. Experienced and Trained Drivers
    2. Dedicated Female care taker
    3. Fitted speed governance in the buses
    4. Stoppage wise seating arrangements for students
    5. Vehicles are frequently serviced and maintained well.

    What is the bus fee?

    We charge kilometer basis fees, that you can pay 3 installments.

    How do I change my transport stop or withdraw the transport?

    Kindly visit the school website to download the form. Please fill it up and hand it over in the school office
    Click here to download

  • Who can I talk to for more information about the school?

    Kindly call us on our helpline number between 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM on working days ( Mon – Fri ) - 8903370863

    Who can I talk to for my personal issues?

    Principal. You may also mail your views to    principalmvmpondy@gmail.com

    Where is the campus located? Can I visit the campus? How do I reach the campus? Do I have to schedule a visit? Will someone be able to guide me?

    Maharishi Vidya Mandir (CBSE) School,
    Pondy Cuddalore Main Road,
    Kanniyakoil, Mullodai, Puducherry - 607402 , INDIA
    Kindly call us on our helpline numbers between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM on working days ( Mon – Fri ) - 8903370863 to schedule a visit

    Where is the school located?

    Mullodai - Kanniyakoil, Puducherry, India - 12 k.ms from Puducherry and four k.ms from Cuddalore   Click here to view google map

    Is there any specific open hours?

    The school office functions on all working days from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

    How do I get the online admission?

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