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Maharishi Vidya Mandir
Assessment Remediation

The assessment process at MVM includes various tests at the class level, projects within the class and houses as well as evaluation of each child’s work. All these are graded and assessed digitally through MAMS (MVM Academic Management System)

Knowledge Pooling

MAMS is also the process of knowledge pooling where all the questions that are asked in various subjects by the teachers are also documented in the soft form, along with their solutions. This acts as a knowledge repository which stays with the school.

There are two periodic assessments and two terminal assessments in a term. We strongly believe that no child should be put under pressure in the name of assessment. Except on two periodic and terminal assessments, no other assessment dates and portion will be shared with the parents to avoid unnecessary pressure on the child. Assessment is meant for taking measures to improve one’s learning. If any child requires any remediation, the school tries to do it during the school hours. In case of extra ordinary situation, with parents consent, we extend the teachers help after school hours to the students who really need it. There are remedial teachers and a counselor to help and address the students learning problems.